About us

How did it all begin?

During the 2018 Kerala floods, a group of youngsters joined hands to provide flood relief and rehabilitation. The fraternity from different walks of life, located across Kerala and outside, utilized the social media platform to stay connected in their common cause. The deep impact of their activity and their vigour to contribute more to society ultimately led to the registration of the humble group in the name of the NGO, Rise Up Forum, as it is known today.


What We Stand For?

Respect for Human Rights:

Human Rights comprise the rights related to life, liberty, equality, and dignity of the individual guaranteed by The Constitution of India; and recognised in the UDHR (Universal Declaration on Human Rights). It is essential to acknowledge and be respectful of the continuously expanding spectrum of human rights.

Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability

The best action is decided by upholding ethical standards, adhering to honesty and fairness, and practising accountability in the areas of service.

Appreciating Diversity and Inclusion

RUF recognises the need to volunteer in a climate of respect and collaboration with the ones who reach out for help, with the assurance of an environment free of exploitation.

Preaching and Practising Equity

We strive to make our actions towards our causes more equitable. We endeavour to identify and eliminate the disparities and discriminations which could prevent anybody from benefitting in our activities.

Sustainable Solutions

We believe that it is necessary to sustain the services provided to the marginalised, for prolonged periods of time. Such sustained actions will empower the beneficiaries, enabling them to upgrade their standard of living. Likewise, sustainable action to protect the ecology is inevitable to make even a slight, positive change in nature.


To maintain an uncompromising adherence to the above-mentioned values which form the core of this organisation. To take strict action against the violation of any of these values and to initiate corrective action to rectify the same.


To spread awareness among the societies about the need for ecological sustainability and to encourage them to act towards lessening the damage caused to nature.

To shed light on the various forms of injustice and discrimination in the society and to raise voice against it.

To educate the society about the multiple sources and layers of oppression prevalent in the society and to work against such systems.

To provide relief and rescue services during disasters such as floods, and cyclones to help the affected.

To contribute towards cultivating a just, equitable, inclusive society where everyone can live with dignity on a greener planet.

Rise up is a realistic NGO with an intelligible vision. Every single time I was associated with this team, I was fully satisfied with the efforts, outcome and got the sense of my responsibility towards the society fulfilled. They deserve the support and encouragement from the world of philanthropy. Looking forward to being part of more wonderful projects in future.