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Adhering to our strong vision to safeguard the rights of our children who are more often denied the right to a happy and healthy family and have been institutionalised for a long time without sufficient exposure to a normal social and community life. Under the leadership of Rise Up Forum, group foster care homes are being built forth across the country. After three years of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our first fully operational foster care home in Thenhipalam, Malappuram district, Kerala. The facility is designed to accommodate up to eight children, providing them with a supportive and nurturing environment. Currently, we have three children residing in the home, and we aim to gradually expand to our full capacity of eight children.


Our first fit facility (Rise Up Home) is under construction in Malappuram district of Kerala. 


De-institutionalize Kids


8 Children


Thenhipalam, Kerala


Above 5 years Old

Why RUH ?

Rise Up Home (RUH) intends to be a home in itself, providing equal opportunities

Rise Up Forum intends to develop Group Foster Homes across the country in order to safeguard the rights of children who are often denied their basic rights such as a nurturing family and a healthy social life.

At Rise Up Home, our mission is to create a better future for children who find themselves without the basic rights they deserve. We firmly believe in protecting the rights of children who are deprived of essential privileges like a loving family and a normal social life. Our Group Foster Care Project aims to build and nurture foster care homes throughout the country, providing a loving and warm environment for children who have been institutionalized for long periods. 

The Rise Up Home intends to house 8 children (maximum capacity recommended by Model Guidelines of Foster Care, 2016). 

What we dream of !

Establishing homes across the nation purposed to deinstitutionalize kids and by assuring educational, emotional, societal and psychological help for the children enabling them to chase their dreams.

Advocate for a rights-based approach and ensure that all child rights are secured, protected and enjoyed by the children.

Provision of services that are inclusive in nature and which enables the children to live a dignified life in the society.

To eradicate all kinds of differences and discriminations by providing the children with the required exposure to value-based upbringing.


Introducing the concept of alternate families

Social Return - Empowered Individuals as an asset to the society

Wholesome Individuals with a healthy minds who excels in their own field of interest

Nationwide establishment of the project

How you can be a part of it !

Here is how you can offer your patronage to this novel initiative.

  • Sponsoring any one child's basic amenities for a minimum of one year
  • Sponsoring children for a minimum of three years
  • Sponsoring for maintenance and reconstruction of home in future (if any)

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All donations to Rise Up Forum are tax-exempted under section 80G & 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961

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