Rise Up Home

Adhering to our strong vision to safeguard the rights of our children who are more often denied the right to a happy and healthy family and have been institutionalised for a long time without sufficient exposure to a normal social and community life. Under the leadership of Rise Up Forum, group foster care homes are being built forth across the country. Our first fit facility (Rise Up Home) is under construction in Malappuram district of Kerala. Rise Up Home (RUH) intends to be a home in itself, with an eye for providing the aftercare settlement.

Why RUH ?

Rise Up Home (RUH) intends to be a home in itself, providing equal opportunities

Rise Up Home (RUH) intends to be a home in itself, providing equal opportunities, facilities of education and health for children, irrespective of their ethnicities or gender- with the concept of families beyond blood relations. We intend to make it an inclusive home with aftercare settlement for eight children per fit facility, to grow up into resilient and self-reliant individuals.

What we dream of !

Establishing homes across the nation purposed to deinstitutionalize kids and by assuring educational, emotional, societal and psychological help for the children enabling them to chase their dreams.

Advocate for a rights-based approach and ensure that all child rights are secured, protected and enjoyed by the children.

Provision of services that are inclusive in nature and which enables the children to live a dignified life in the society.

To eradicate all kinds of differences and discriminations by providing the children with the required exposure to value-based upbringing.

Our Methodology

Research and planning

Budget Estimation

Construction of fit facility

Compliance with legal aspects

Familiarisation among children

Placement of children

How you can be a part of it !

Here is how you can offer your patronage to this novel initiative.

  • Providing resources for the construction
  • Sponsoring the entire construction
  • Sponsoring any one child's basic amenities for a minimum of one year
  • Sponsoring construction of any phase
  • Sponsoring children for a minimum of three years
  • Sponsoring for maintenance and reconstruction activities in future (if any)

Our Progress



Concrete Works

Ground Floor

First Floor